How to persevere in your resolution? 10 tips.


Perseverance is one of the key qualities that allows us to achieve many things in life. Without it, even the best resolutions and goals can quickly disappear into oblivion. Perseverance requires systematic work and motivation. In this article, we will present 10 tips on how to persevere in your resolution and achieve your intended goals.

Define your goals and intermediate goals


Before we start working on perseverance, it’s important to define our goals and intermediate goals. Specific goals help us know where we are going and what we need to do to achieve our intended goal. Intermediate goals are equally important because they allow us to break down our tasks into smaller steps and give us a sense of progress.

Set realistic goals

When we define our goals, it’s important to set realistic goals. A goal that is impossible to achieve can discourage us and discourage us from further work. By setting realistic goals, we are able to maintain motivation and a positive attitude.

Create an action plan

When we have goals and intermediate goals, it’s time to create an action plan. The action plan should be specific, and tasks should be broken down into smaller steps. This makes it easier to work on our goals and track progress.

Work on your motivation


Motivation is crucial in maintaining perseverance. Find your motivators and use them as support in difficult moments. It can be a list of benefits of achieving the goal, inspiring quotes, or support from friends and family.

Use positive affirmations

Positive affirmation is a technique that involves repeating positive statements about yourself and your goal. For example, “I am determined to achieve my goals” or “my efforts are worth the reward.” Using positive affirmations helps strengthen our belief in our own abilities and maintain a positive mood.

Be flexible

Even the best action plan may require some flexibility. When difficulties arise, the plan can always be modified to achieve the goal. Flexibility allows us to adapt to changing conditions and maintain positivity.

Maintain a positive perspective

A positive perspective is a key characteristic of persevering people. Maintaining a positive approach to life and goals allows us to endure difficult moments and find solutions in problematic situations. Focusing on the positive aspects of our actions helps us maintain motivation and gives us the strength to continue working.

Learn from failures

Failure is an inevitable part of the road to achieving a goal. It’s important that we don’t lose motivation after failures but learn from them. Analyzing our mistakes and looking for ways to avoid them in the future is crucial in building perseverance.

Share your resolution with others

Share your resolution with other people. Find friends, parents, or mentors who can support you in difficult moments. By sharing our resolutions with others, we receive support and motivation that help us maintain perseverance.

Celebrate your successes


It’s important that we celebrate our successes, even the smallest ones. Celebrating our achievements allows us to maintain a positive mood and gives us motivation to continue working on our goals. It’s also confirmation that our efforts are worthwhile and that our work is worth the effort.


Perseverance is a key characteristic that allows us to achieve many things in life. To maintain perseverance, it’s important to define our goals, set realistic goals, create an action plan, and work on our motivation. Flexibility, a positive perspective, learning from failures, sharing our resolutions with others, and celebrating our successes are other important elements in maintaining perseverance. Remember that perseverance requires systematic work and motivation, but over time it brings great results.